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Determining the Right Whitening Treatment for You

Dr. Danielle Marquis has an exceptional skill set that improves your smile’s appearance. Giving our patients’ teeth a brighter shade of white is one of the more frequent concerns our dentist treats. San Francisco Dental Office provides teeth whitening to San Francisco and all the surrounding communities.

Everyone’s smile is different. Some people go without whitening because their teeth are too sensitive, and others think they need whitening when they would benefit from porcelain veneers. Your personal cosmetic dental needs will be different than any of our other patients’ goals.

As a provider of quality dental services, Dr. Marquis strives to understand you and your dental concerns closely. The excellence of your whitening treatment plan is reinforced by how our dentist customizes your aesthetic care to match your precise situation.

Dr. Marquis listens when you bring up concerns regarding sensitivity or if you want to have your teeth reshaped as well as whitened. She will also be able to determine if your teeth need brightening because of internal health concerns or due to external particles from what you eat and drink. Your fully customized treatment plan is based on how each of these factors applies explicitly to your teeth. The whitening method used, as well as if veneers or other cosmetic dental treatments necessary, will be carefully planned out to meet these exact needs, allowing you to receive a higher quality of care.

Developing the Brightness of Your Smile

Once Dr. Marquis knows what the best course of action is for giving you a brighter smile, she begins your teeth whitening treatment.

San Francisco Dental Office uses fast-acting professional whitening gels that help you leave our office with a brighter smile. We also have an option that is more comfortable for sensitive teeth. Internal stains are treated with a whitening agent administered during or after root canal therapy. This material scrubs out the matter that darkens the tooth from the inside out, giving you a brighter smile to go with your healthier tooth.

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San Francisco Dental Office assists patients in San Francisco and all surrounding communities to improve their appearance with excellent teeth whitening services. Quality cosmetic dentistry is one of the ways we give our patients an exceptional smile. To see if teeth whitening is the right treatment for you, call our practice and schedule an appointment today!

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