Explore Invisalign at San Francisco Dental Office

Whether you hope to correct a problematic bite or straighten your teeth solely for cosmetic reasons, Invisalign® orthodontics may be an excellent choice to help you obtain a natural, comfortable smile. Dr. Danielle Marquis and her staff in San Francisco offer professional Invisalign orthodontic services that are sure to fit your needs and lifestyle.Invisalign in San Francisco

One of the most prominent concerns adults have when considering orthodontic work is the appearance of traditional metal braces and the extended period over which the orthodontic work is done. Invisalign alleviates this concern by providing a metal-free, faster-working alternative. Dr. Marquis is experienced in Invisalign orthodontics and can help you take the next step toward achieving the smile of your dreams.

Why Consider Invisalign?

You might consider Invisalign if you could benefit from traditional, metal braces, but have concerns about their appearance. Invisalign fixes many of the same dental problems as conventional metal braces, but it is virtually invisible to the naked eye and can be removed when needed (e.g., for eating or brushing and flossing teeth).

Overcrowding, significant gaps between teeth, crossbites, overbites, and underbites are all problems commonly corrected with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. In fact, the results of traditional metal braces and Invisalign are nearly identical in the end.

Invisalign in San Francisco

Treatment consists of a series of custom-made alignment trays that move the teeth over time. First, you will meet with Dr. Marquis for a consultation and to create an initial treatment plan. She will take three-dimensional images of the entire jaw, allowing her to view different angles and foresee what the teeth and face might look like during and after treatment. Essentially, Invisalign technology will enable her to see how the treatment will affect your facial aesthetics.

After an initial plan is complete, Dr. Marquis will create a custom set of alignment trays. The total number of aligners needed varies from patient to patient, but 20-29 sets per arch are common. During the treatment process, Dr. Marquis changes the trays every several weeks to fit your next tooth configuration.

It may take weeks to get used to your Invisalign trays. Patients must wear them regularly, except when drinking or eating. Also, brushing and flossing between meals is imperative because the food you eat is easily trapped between the tray and teeth. However, with the proper discipline and commitment, Invisalign pays off in the end.